Long-Term Unemployment? Dive Back Into the Workforce!


There are dozens of reasons for long-term unemployment. Veterans re-entering the workforce after spending time on disability. A long-time homemaker who wants to start a new career. Or it could be the result of a bad job market. Whatever your reason, if you’re ready to dive back into the workforce after time away, there are a few things you need to know.

How to Explain Employment Gaps on a Resume

Having a large gap in your resume may be a red flag for many hiring managers. But avoid thinking you’ll never find a job. Employment gaps don’t have to stop you from getting your dream job. You just have to know how to explain them on a resume and in job interviews.

Don’t try to hide your long-term unemployment. Instead, shift the focus onto non-work activities. You weren’t working, but you were doing something! Did you volunteer? Run a marathon? Manage your household finances? All of these activities require soft skills that are enviable in the job market.

If you were in school or took continuing education courses, be sure to include that information on your resume as well. This shows potential employers you value learning. It can also show that you are up-to-date on current industry practices.

In short, show potential employers even though you haven’t been getting paid, you’ve been developing your professional abilities.

Temporary Jobs Can Lead to Permanent Careers

If you’re still finding it difficult to land a job, despite the advice above, consider applying for work with a temp agency. Staffing firms work for you, helping to assess your skills and find positions that match. Temp jobs are a great way to keep money coming in while you hunt for the perfect permanent position. They also help fill the gap in your resume, and can provide valuable networking contacts. Many temp workers are even offered permanent positions within companies they temp for!

At Staffing Partners, we focus on finding the best medical, administrative, and industrial job opportunities in Oregon. Temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hire positions are available now. Contact our experienced recruiters to get started.

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