Four Signs a New Hire Isn’t Working Out


When hiring new employees, most companies include a 90-day probationary period. This is the time you, as a manager, have to assess whether the new hire is going to work out long term. The sooner you can spot warning signs, the better your chances of correcting the problem before the employee’s 90 days are up. Keep watch for these four warning signs, and take quick action to resolve them!

Repeated Mistakes on Basic Tasks

There’s bound to be a learning curve, regardless of how experienced the new employee is. But if they are repeatedly making the same basic mistakes, or asking the same questions repeatedly, you might want to investigate. Make sure the employee is getting the training they need. Encourage them to take notes they can refer to throughout the day.

Thinking They Know It All

It’s nice when an employee has confidence, but don’t confuse confidence with arrogance. Thinking they don’t need training, that they already know it all, is a definite red flag. The same is true if they compare every aspect of the job with the way their old company did things. If you notice these habits developing, talk with the new hire as soon as possible. Be frank and honest, and let them know you expect all your employees to be willing to learn. Tell them you appreciate their confidence and enthusiasm, but you’d like to make sure they understand the office’s policies and procedures before contributing new ideas.

Lacking Enthusiasm

On the other end of the spectrum, some new hires may lack any sign of enthusiasm. Some people may seem more interested in chatting with their trainer than learning from them. Others may start asking for time off before they’ve got two feet in the door. And some may be constantly distracted or daydreaming. Again, the solution to this problem is to talk openly with the new hire. Ask them if there is a reason for their unenthusiastic behavior, and see if there’s a reasonable way you can help motivate them. Make it clear their attitude is a factor you will consider when deciding if they are the right fit for the job.

Complaining Co-Workers

As a manager, you may not spend a lot of time each day with the new hire. The other members of your team, however, do. If you are getting complaints about the new employee, take them to heart. Your team may notice warning signs before you do. Or they may simply realize the new person isn’t going to fit in with the company culture. Whatever the complaints, follow up on them and see if they can be resolved. If they can’t, it might be time to cut your losses.

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