How to Communicate When Life Gets in the Way


At Staffing Partners, we do our best to ease the burden of job hunting. Searching for a job is a full-time endeavor, so sharing that task with a recruiter saves you a lot of time and stress. But a recruiter can’t do it all for you. You start by filling out an application and talking with one of our recruiters so they can get to know you. Beyond that, you need to keep in touch with us throughout the process. Let us know if life gets in the way of your job hunt. What exactly does that mean?

Temporary Roadblocks

Everyone gets sick now and then, or wakes up to find their car won’t start. If something like this happens to you while you are working with a staffing agency, let your recruiter know. They will understand and will avoid offering jobs or interviews while you are unavailable. Once you’re back on your feet (or behind the wheel!), let your recruiter know you are good to go again.

Changing Circumstances

Sometimes, life throws you a curve ball that leads to a more permanent change in circumstances. A few major life changes your recruiter should know about include:

  • a family member falling ill, especially if you will be their caretaker;
  • a sudden chronic health condition;
  • moving to a new area; or
  • any other new responsibilities that will affect your availability to work.

Whatever the reason, let your recruiter know if you are unable to work as many hours as you originally planned to. If you keep us informed of what’s going on, we can focus our search on jobs that will fit your schedule.

Staffing Partners is known as one of the top staffing firms in Oregon. Every one of our experienced recruiters is dedicated to placing candidates in the best position for them. If you haven’t yet, view our current job openings or upload your resume today to get started.

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