2017 Best Practices for Job Searching with a Recruiter


Did you know 13 million people find employment using staffing firms each year? Working with a recruiter is a priceless tool for job seekers! But if you are planning on working with a recruiter, you should know the right way to go about it. Use these best practices when job searching with a recruiting agency.

Work With the Right Agency

There are hundreds of staffing firms out there, but the best ones specialize in a small handful of industries. Many are also tied to a specific region. For instance, at Staffing Partners, we specialize in job opportunities in Oregon and focus on medical, administrative and industrial positions.

When working with a recruiter, make sure they are a specialist in your field. Rather than spreading themselves too thinly, specialized recruiters can focus their efforts on finding only the positions you would be most interested in.

Reply Quickly

Always, always, always keep your contact information up to date when you are working with a recruiter. If they can’t reach you with a job opportunity, they will offer it to the next candidate on their list, and you miss out! For the same reason, make sure to respond quickly to job offers your recruiter sends you.

Impress Your Recruiter

At Staffing Partners, we really care about our candidates. We want to give you the support and guidance you need to reach your career goals. Not all agencies have this mindset and are only interested in serving the needs of the business client. That’s another good reason to be careful when selecting a recruiter! But no matter what firm you use, it is best to treat your recruiter as if they were the hiring manager at a company you want to work for. That means always act and speak professionally when dealing with staffing agents – this shows you are a top-tier candidate that companies want to hire!

Be Clear and Honest

Last, but not least, the best practice for working with a recruiter is to always be clear and honest about what you want. Staffing Partners has jobs that are permanent placement, temporary assignments and temp-to-hire. We appreciate when candidates tell us what type of assignments they are – and are not – willing to accept. When you have specific scheduling requirements, we need to know that too. This saves a lot of time and trouble on both sides, since we can make sure to only bring you opportunities that fit your needs.

When you work with the right firm, and know the best business practices, working with a recruiter is an invaluable experience. Sign up with Staffing Partners today to gain access to hundreds of Oregon job opportunities!

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