3 Small Things That Make a Big Impression


Starting a new assignment is always a bit nerve-wracking. You naturally want to make a good impression, both with your boss and your co-workers. Most of us are well aware of the big mistakes to avoid – don’t show up late, don’t be arrogant, don’t dress too casually – but there are smaller things to think about, too. Here are three small things that make a big impression when you’re starting a new job.


If you’re like most people, you probably spent a lot of time picking out the perfect outfit for your first day. But did you spend as much time thinking about your accessories – your watch, shoes, bag, jewelry, etc.? What about your nails – if they are painted, is the nail polish nice and neat, or old and chipped? All these things can overshadow your impeccably tailored suit jacket, so make sure you pay attention to the details.


Nirav Mehta, associate director of the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, recommends sending a personal thank-you email to anyone who helped you throughout your first day. “This is something that often is not done on the first day by many new hires, but it’s something that is greatly appreciated by those on the receiving end!” (Source: NerdWallet)


Every boss has a different communication style. One of the best ways to get on your new boss’ good side is to figure out what they prefer. Do they prefer IM, phone calls, emails or in-person meetings? Do you need to schedule a time to meet with them, or do they have an “open-door” policy? How often will they expect progress reports from you? These are all great questions to ask during your initial sit-down. If it’s not possible to ask your boss directly, ask your co-workers what the office norm is.

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