Are You Still Searching for the Perfect Hire?


Have you ever been stuck with a job opening you just can’t seem to fill? Sure, there are plenty of applicants, but you can’t find that one perfect candidate. And while you’re looking, your team is struggling to keep up with all the work left by the vacant position. What’s the problem; why can’t you fill the position? Here’s the truth:

There is no one perfect candidate.

There is a difference between holding out for top talent and holding out for perfection. If you’re waiting for perfection, you’re going to be waiting a long time. And what’s more, while you’re waiting, you could be missing out on a great candidate!

What Can Be Taught?

If you’re struggling to hire, despite many great applicants, review your job posting. Which are the critical skills and qualifications, and which can be taught on the job? If an applicant is lacking experience in one area, but you are confident they can be trained, consider if it is worth giving them a shot.

Does This Position Really Need a Purple Squirrel?

In the world of recruiting, a “Purple Squirrel” is the holy grail of talent. As Lance Haun says on Harvard Business Review, “These candidates are near-impossible to find in an ultra-competitive industry and possess the perfect mix of skills, education and experience. A good purple squirrel will work for peanuts (also known as the pay and benefits you’re willing to offer) and just happens to live in the same town as your company.”

Sounds amazing, right? Of course, the reason we call them a “Purple Squirrel” is they are very rarely seen in real life. For some major positions – CFO, Senior Engineer, etc. – it may be worth waiting for that Purple Squirrel. But for most job openings, the time and money spent searching just wouldn’t be justified. Especially when there are plenty of excellent – if not perfect – candidates eager to fill the position.

In short, remember that every day you spend waiting for the perfect hire, the rest of your team is working on overdrive to compensate. Weigh the pros and cons of compromising on some of your job requirements. And remember that many amazing candidates may have already applied for the job – snap one of them up before it’s too late!

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