Light Industrial Candidates: Stand Out During the Application Process


There is no shortage of advice out there for job seekers. You can find guides on how to create a resume or how to nail a job interview. But some fields have an additional hurdle that job seekers must overcome – the application. For our light industrial candidates, how can you effectively stand out when filling out a job application? Here are some key points to remember.

Be Thorough

When filling out a job application, you must be thorough and careful. Don’t skip any sections, and make sure to read all the instructions before you start. Applications that are incorrectly filled out or that are missing key information will quickly make it to the junk pile.

When filling out a paper application (rather than an online one), make sure to use your best handwriting, and always stick to blue or black ink.

Don’t Neglect Your Resume

Some job seekers in the light industrial category feel like they do not need to spend time on a resume, since most industrial jobs rely on applications. However, this is a mistake! While it may not be strictly required in the application process, a solid resume can make you stand out from the crowd of applicants. Your resume can also give you a chance to show off accomplishments that don’t fit into a standard job application.

Use Every Resource

Whether you are searching for job opportunities in the light industrial field, medical, office, or somewhere else, it is important to use every resource at your disposal. For many job seekers, staffing agencies have proven to be an excellent resource. But it is important to choose the right firm to work with. The benefit of working with Staffing Partners is that you can partner with one of our industrial staffing experts. They will use their years in the field to help find the right job for your skill set.

To find Top Portland Job Opportunities in the light industrial field, contact Staffing Partners today. We’ll give you the tools you need to stand out and succeed in your job search.

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