Best Practices: Prepare for Holiday Staffing Needs


With winter on its way, you know to prepare for changes in weather. While you’re preparing for winter, don’t forget to prepare for your holiday staffing needs.

Increased customer demand in many industries is typical during the holiday season. Many of your employees will be traveling to celebrate the holidays with family and friends, leaving you to ensure customer needs are met during this busy season.

It’s more difficult to manage and predict the ups and downs of supply and demand in a service-based business than in a product-based business. Filling the gaps with temporary staffing is one of the most effective strategies for managing the holiday season.

Here are four best practices for seasonal temporary staffing:

Call on your staffing partner

Your staffing partner has years of experience hiring temporary workers across multiple industries. Let them handle the heavy lifting. A quality staffing agency should be proactive in helping you plan appropriate staffing for the holiday season, using data from previous years and projections for growth.

Don’t delay

Start recruiting in October to find better candidates and get a head start on other companies posting ads in November. Starting early provides a cushion, just in case the hiring process faces delays.

Know exactly what skills you need

By starting with a detailed and clear job description and a list of desired skills, you are much more likely to hire a qualified employee. You are stacking the deck in your company’s favor by hiring outstanding temporary employees, who may be ideal candidates for full-time employment in the future.

Do it right to avoid problems

For most employers, seasonal workers should be added to the payroll as part-time employees, not as independent contractors, meaning the employer withholds appropriate taxes. Don’t skip this step looking to simplify the hiring process only to face penalties down the line.

Let’s work together to plan for holiday staffing

Your company should start now for less holiday season hiring stress. Learn more about how Staffing Partners can help your company prepare for holiday staffing needs. Contact us today to discuss your staffing needs.

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