Think Outside the Box to Boost Employee Morale


You may be surprised by how simple it is to make your employees feel like a valued member of the team. With a little extra thought given to make policies and procedures more worker-friendly, you’ll find that your employees will be more loyal, dedicated and satisfied with their jobs – increasing productivity, reducing turnover and improving your bottom line.


Keep it Simple

Be sure that company policies, such as how to submit time-off requests are clear and easy to follow. And have a cross-training process in place so that a coworker can handle the workload while they are out of the office. Without needing to worry about work being handled in their absence, your employees can enjoy their time off and return rested and ready to work.


Schedule Early — and Carefully

Give yourself and your employees plenty of lead time for scheduling time off.  If your policy doesn’t already require employees to request time off well in advance of the anticipated need, you may want to reevaluate this policy. Knowing who will be taking time off as far ahead of time as possible allows you to tweak schedules and arrange for temporary employees to supplement your staff.


Don’t Work Short

One of the best ways to let your employees know you care during busy times is to make sure you have enough staff on the schedule. Staffing Partners can help you to evaluate your staffing needs during busy seasons, making sure you’ve got the staff you need to keep things running smoothly.


Make Safety a Priority.

When employees know that you make their safety and well-being a top priority, they will also take safety measures seriously. This helps to increase their job satisfaction as well as preventing lost time injuries and expenses for you.


Offer Training

Set your employees up for success from the beginning by providing the resources they need to improve their job performance and learn new skills. You will reduce turnover and increase morale when your workers know you are interested in their long-term success.


Open the Lines of Communication

Have a clear process in place to deal with employee questions and concerns. This allows you to address small problems before they become big problems and helps the employee feel that his input is valued. This can improve employee engagement and retention.


For more tips and strategies for employers managing light industrial employees, reach out to the experienced recruiting team at Staffing Partners today, or read our related blog posts.

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