Fired? How to Discuss It During Your Next Interview


When you’ve been fired from a job, interviewing for another position can be even more daunting than usual. You know you’re likely to be asked about the reasons you were fired, and just thinking about it can be upsetting. Don’t make matters worse by winging it – before your next interview, prepare for that uncomfortable moment by devising a strategy to “spin” your firing into a teachable moment.

Really Consider Why You Were Fired

It can be hard to admit that you were not punctual, did not complete assignments, or were not qualified for a job, but if you want to impress interviewers, you need to be honest about the reasons for your dismissal. Don’t put all the blame on your former employer unless it really belongs there (and you hopefully have a lawyer to back you up if it does). Be willing to take ownership of mistakes you made.

Reach Out to Your Former Employer

The best way to mitigate the harm of being fired is to respin it at the source – the person who fired you. It may be cringe-inducing, but if you can, talk to your former employer or supervisor, admit you were in the wrong (if that was the case) and ask if you can tell future interviewers that your leaving was a mutual decision. You may be surprised by how open a former supervisor will be to putting a positive spin on your firing, especially if you’re willing to admit you were in the wrong.

Face the Music

When getting your former supervisor to put a positive spin on things isn’t in the cards, it’s up to you to make your firing seem like a learning experience to potential employers. Focus on on the ways your life has changed since that disastrous experience – maybe you’ve finished a college degree that made it difficult to make it to your job on time, have found reliable childcare, have moved or have dealt with personal issues that were interfering with your ability to work. These positive changes are what you’ll need to emphasize to interviewers when the topic of your dismissal comes to the table.

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