Fired? How to Discuss It During Your Next Interview

When you’ve been fired from a job, interviewing for another position can be even more daunting than usual. You know you’re likely to be asked about the reasons you were fired, and just thinking about it can be upsetting. Don’t make matters worse by winging it – before your next interview, prepare for that uncomfortable… Read more »

Which Is More Cost-Effective, Temporary Help or Paying Overtime?

You see it every year: during strategic periods, such as summer vacation times, holidays, and locally busy periods, your staffing budget bounces out of bounds as the cost of employee overtime rises. Hiring more full-time — or even part-time — employees is out of the question, leading you back to your original problem — controlling… Read more »

5 Steps to Creating a Powerful Personal Brand

It used to be that a job search was all about a good resume and great interviewing skills, but nowadays your resume comes second to your website, and the interview begins before you even step foot in the building. Build a powerful personal brand online and in person, and you’ll make yourself unforgettable to potential… Read more »

Rejected Candidates: Build Good Will and Strengthen Brand Reputation

Every employer and hiring manager’s worst nightmare when it comes to rejecting a job candidate is being asked “why didn’t I get the job?” It may make for uncomfortable conversation, but providing rejected candidates with helpful, constructive criticism not only leaves a positive impression on a potential customer or client, it also builds your brand… Read more »

Is this the Right Job for You? Evaluating a Temporary-to-Hire or Direct Hire Job Offer.

You’ve been through the application process. Withstood several interviews. And now you’ve received a job offer — that’s the ultimate goal, right? So why should you hesitate before you accept? Accepting a job offer out of hand is like getting married on the spur of the moment: a huge decision that could follow you for… Read more »