Building a Relationship With Your Recruiter


Temp agency recruiters, by nature of their positions, see a lot of candidates. And while your experience and credentials may be top of the line, so are those of a lot of other job candidates. Build a great relationship with your recruiter, however, and you become more than just your resume. Here are Staffing Partners’ recruiting experts’ top tips on building a strong connection with recruiters.

Stand Out For the RIGHT Reasons

Plenty of job candidates stand out to recruiters, but unfortunately, they often stand out for the wrong reasons. Whether it’s dressing for a day at the beach instead of for a professional environment, sending in resumes that are full of errors, arriving late for appointments or not returning calls or emails in a timely fashion, unprofessional behavior makes an impression, and it’s not a good one. So remember to treat every encounter with your recruiter like the job interview it actually is, and you’ll stand out for all the right reasons.

Be the Person You Want Your Recruiter to Be

You appreciate it when recruiters are interested in your qualifications and experience, respond to calls and emails in a quick, friendly manner, and are helpful with any questions or concerns you have about potential jobs. Do the same for your recruiter, and you’re well on your way to a great relationship. Demonstrate a genuine interest in the positions your recruiter has open by staying current on the latest industry trends. Always respond to calls and emails as soon as possible, and check in regularly when you haven’t heard from your recruiter. Answer any questions your recruiter might have about your experience and qualifications honestly and openly.

Remember, It’s All about Trust

The key to any good relationship is trust. Trust your recruiter enough to be upfront about any potential problems you foresee in taking a position, whether it’s the shift hours, transportation issues, or a bad past experience with a manager associated with the organization. On the other hand, trust your recruiter to know which jobs are right for your personal experience and credentials. Remember that your recruiter wants you to succeed when you’re feeling down — sometimes it just takes time for your recruiter to find the best job fit for you.

If you’ve tried your best to build a relationship with your temporary staffing recruiter, but it’s just not working out, it’s time you tried Staffing Partners. Our employment experts want to help you find temp and temp-to-hire positions with great companies that need your talent. Call us today!


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