Does Your Company’s Reputation Attract Top Candidates?


A run of subpar job applicants may be nothing more than a fluke, but if you’re noticing more and more seemingly second-rate applicants, and fewer applicants for open positions than in the past, then it’s time to take a closer look at how your company is presenting itself to job applicants — especially online. As the job search becomes more and more about online job boards and electronic applications, if your company’s web presence isn’t fresh and modern, neither will the applicants for your positions. Consider your organization’s online brand and what you can do to improve it and your candidates.

Your Virtual Building

Would you let your company’s physical building become cluttered with outdated flyers, dead plants, broken doors or signs giving the names of employees who’ve been gone for ages? You wouldn’t think of it, but if your website is full of outdated information, broken links, and erroneous contacts, imagine how your company looks to visitors to your site. Your reputation in your industry depends upon treating your web presence with the same consideration that you’d give your building and grounds. If potential employees find a website that is outdated or unusable, they’ll make the assumption that your organization is also falling behind the times.

Building Your Company Brand

Having a great website for your organization is only the beginning of creating a web presence. First, if you don’t have a logo that can instantly be identified as yours, get one and slap it on everything you do online, especially on social media. Establishing a social media presence is the best way your company can get your name out to job candidates and customers alike. You should have, and frequently update, profiles with major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Your feeds should be updated at least daily, with information about programs, projects, and job openings.

Taking the Hiring Process Online

If your organization is still asking for paper applications and resumes, that’s one reason you’re losing great job candidates. Today’s job seekers expect the hiring process to begin online. They won’t bother with mailing paper applications to your organization when they can apply to ten other jobs in just a few clicks. The online hiring process isn’t going away, so if you’re not onboard already, make haste before you lose out on droves of star employees.

Managing your company’s online presence takes a significant time commitment — time you won’t have for recruiting and screening candidates. Let Staffing Partners’ recruiting experts take that task off your plate. Contact us now for more information about making recruiting the easiest part of your job.


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