Does Your Company’s Reputation Attract Top Candidates?

A run of subpar job applicants may be nothing more than a fluke, but if you’re noticing more and more seemingly second-rate applicants, and fewer applicants for open positions than in the past, then it’s time to take a closer look at how your company is presenting itself to job applicants — especially online. As… Read more »

Strategies to Make New Hires Feel Welcome

You know that old saying about never getting a second chance to make a first impression? As an employer, you’re probably used to hearing it in terms of interviewees. You’d be surprised how much you can do to decrease turnover by applying it to your workplace. When you make new hires feel part of the… Read more »

How Much Does It Cost to Replace an Employee?

Everyone has heard that it’s more expensive to replace an employee than to keep one, but it can be difficult to nail down an exact number. That’s because the costs of employee turnover are not unlike a crack in glass — the immediate financial blow is obvious, yes, but the damage often radiates invisibly to… Read more »

Resume Writing to Highlight Temporary Experiences

Think temporary employment is a liability when you’re creating your resume? Think again! If you know how to spin temporary jobs on your resume, you’ll find employers who are anxious to bring you on board. It’s all in how you write it, and when you build your resume with temporary jobs, you’ve got an opportunity… Read more »

Evaluating a Candidate’s Personality During the Hiring Process

You won’t love every single job applicant you interview, that’s a given. But how do you, as a hiring manager or HR director, know when an applicant’s personality is right for the job, not just for you? Evaluating a candidate’s personality throughout the hiring process is easier if you know what personality traits are necessary… Read more »

Why Are Your Star Employees Leaving?

When it comes to turnover at your organization, it’s tempting to blame the departing employees for abandoning ship – they’re not up to the job, they not serious about their careers, they’re just plain lazy. But maybe that isn’t the case. They Don’t Feel Respected Ask your employees for one workplace wish, and likely they’ll… Read more »