What Should You Do if You’re Not Landing Interviews?

Searching for a job can be stressful. What’s worse? Applying for jobs and not landing any interviews. Turns out, it’s not unusual to apply and not be called in for an interview. Depending on the popularity of the company and the size of the applicant pool, it could be down to the numbers. Aside from… Read more »

How Much Does It Cost to Replace an Employee?

Everyone has heard that it’s more expensive to replace an employee than to keep one, but it can be difficult to nail down an exact number. That’s because the costs of employee turnover are not unlike a crack in glass — the immediate financial blow is obvious, yes, but the damage often radiates invisibly to… Read more »

Why Are Your Star Employees Leaving?

When it comes to turnover at your organization, it’s tempting to blame the departing employees for abandoning ship – they’re not up to the job, they not serious about their careers, they’re just plain lazy. But maybe that isn’t the case. They Don’t Feel Respected Ask your employees for one workplace wish, and likely they’ll… Read more »