What Should You Do if You’re Not Landing Interviews?


Searching for a job can be stressful. What’s worse? Applying for jobs and not landing any interviews.

Turns out, it’s not unusual to apply and not be called in for an interview. Depending on the popularity of the company and the size of the applicant pool, it could be down to the numbers.

Aside from being lost in a giant applicant pool, here are the most common reasons you’re not getting interviewed and how to overcome them.

It’s a Numbers Game

How many jobs applications did you submit this week? If you’re hitting submit on one or two applications a week, depending on the job market, you may not get an interview simply because you’re not applying to enough jobs.

The solution: Cast a wider net by applying for more jobs.

Make It Personal

Applying online as one of hundreds of job seekers is as impersonal as it gets. How do you stand out among the competition?

Put in some extra effort to get your information in front of the hiring manager:

  • Research the position on the company website or LinkedIn to find the hiring manager or department head.
  • Personalize your cover letter for the position, the company and the hiring manager. It sounds like a given, but many job seekers send a generic letter, only swapping out a few details for each employer.
  • Show initiative by following up. Of course, don’t become a pest. Email may be the best method for asking if the hiring manager needs more information and expressing interest in the position.

Give Them Reasons to Hire You

Your spotless résumé and personalized cover letter are not enough. Make an impression by illustrating what you can do for the company.

  • Does your résumé set you apart? If it’s a list of all the jobs you’ve held and your job duties, then no. It doesn’t matter how impressive that list is. The employer only cares about what you can do for their company. Think in terms of what you accomplished at each job, not your daily duties.
  • Does your cover letter tell a compelling story? The tricky part is while the story may seem to be about you, it’s not. It’s about how you can add value to the company. Relate your skills and successes specifically to the needs of the employer and you’ll be far ahead of other applicants.

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