Build Your Workforce With Leadership Skills


You’ve heard the advice to promote from within. But what are the advantages?

Promoting from within helps your company:

  • Attract and retaining top talent. Employees want to work for companies that value the growth of their employees.
  • Provide incentives for innovation and productivity. Employees who have a path for advancement are much more likely to give their all to the job.

The benefits are clear, but your company may not be prepared. How does an organization prepare its employees for advancing to leadership roles?

Start at the Beginning

In order to get the biggest boost to your workforce by promoting from within, the company’s culture should reflect this aim, starting with hiring and onboarding.

  • Make it a point to discuss advancement opportunities during the interviewing process. While you can’t make specific promises, you can emphasize the company’s culture.
  • Develop a plan for professional and career development for new employees to work through with their managers. Having the manager’s involvement encourages buy-in and support for employees to take part in training and continuing education opportunities.
  • Make information about training and professional development opportunities easily accessible. If employees aren’t aware, they won’t participate.

Leaders as Mentors

Learning from an experienced leader is perhaps the best track for aspiring employees. By developing a mentorship program, your company is opening doors for future leaders.

Things to consider when starting a mentorship program:

  • Reward mentors. Aside from the reward of helping others, mentors should be recognized widely and often by leadership. Highlight success stories in company publications. Consider adding monetary or other types of bonuses for top mentors.
  • Support mentorship. Company support should be more than talk. Allow time and resources for mentorship. Consider hosting training for mentors and mentees to gain the most from the relationship.

Encourage Expansion

Giving employees opportunities to play a role in cross-functional teams and projects allows them to expand their knowledge and leadership skills while in their current position. It also allows management to look for strengths and skills that might not be showcased otherwise.

Some companies encourage employees to venture into uncharted career territory on a regular basis — up to 20 percent of their time. While this approach can have huge payoffs, it’s not right for every employer. However, leadership can learn from this approach and adjust it to meet their company’s needs.

Most employees want to learn new skills and be challenged. By encouraging them to expand their skills, employers show they care about their success and career satisfaction.

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