Best Practices: Prepare for Holiday Staffing Needs

With winter on its way, you know to prepare for changes in weather. While you’re preparing for winter, don’t forget to prepare for your holiday staffing needs. Increased customer demand in many industries is typical during the holiday season. Many of your employees will be traveling to celebrate the holidays with family and friends, leaving… Read more »

How Nonverbal Communication Can Help You Ace the Interview

Anyone who’s ever worked as a hiring manager or HR person will tell you that while the resumes, cover letters and references you give them are important, when it comes down to the interview, they most often go with their gut. That gut reaction is the result of many factors, including what you say and… Read more »

Making Safety a Priority at Your Light Industrial Workplace

In the fast-paced light industrial workplace, it can be difficult to stop and take a breath. When you take time out to make employees aware of how important workplace safety is to their health and their jobs, however, it’s lost time that pays for itself with less time lost to accidents and injuries down the… Read more »

Selling Your Company to a Candidate

When it comes to the hiring process, HR professionals and hiring managers often fall into the trap of assuming that it’s candidates who are responsible for the hard sell. That’s a good way to turn off great candidates, and possibly a reason why you’re losing your best talent. The stars in your industry can get… Read more »

Is Temporary or Temp-to-Hire the Right Staffing Solution For Your Company?

When you’re looking to hire, there are many options to consider in terms of what staffing solution is best for your needs, from temporary and temp-to-hire to direct hire solutions. Consider the below needs for hiring and let us help you determine if temporary or temporary-to-hire solutions are right for you! You’re in a High-Turnover… Read more »

Don’t Have the Qualifications? Don’t Apply

So you don’t have the degree the job posting requires, but you’re sure you have the right experience. Or maybe you’re not really that experienced with using SQL, but you’re sure you could learn before you began the job. You, job hunter, are the hiring manager’s worst nightmare: the unqualified applicant. Here’s what hiring managers… Read more »