Is Your Workforce Ready to Jump Ship?

After a star employee leaves, company leaders often say, “I knew something was off.” The signs of an employee ready to abandon ship are clear, if you know how to recognize them. Signs of an Employee Getting Ready to Exit The biggest giveaway before the official resignation is a change in attitude and behavior. The… Read more »

Selling Your Company to a Candidate

When it comes to the hiring process, HR professionals and hiring managers often fall into the trap of assuming that it’s candidates who are responsible for the hard sell. That’s a good way to turn off great candidates, and possibly a reason why you’re losing your best talent. The stars in your industry can get… Read more »

Don’t Have the Qualifications? Don’t Apply

So you don’t have the degree the job posting requires, but you’re sure you have the right experience. Or maybe you’re not really that experienced with using SQL, but you’re sure you could learn before you began the job. You, job hunter, are the hiring manager’s worst nightmare: the unqualified applicant. Here’s what hiring managers… Read more »

Three Must-Have Qualities of the Modern Manager

From ever-changing employment laws, an economy that’s sputtering toward improvement and a diverse workforce, today’s managers are facing challenges that taken alone would make things difficult, but taken together can be almost overwhelming. Essential qualities for managers in today’s workforce are a bit different than those managers in the past needed for success, but they… Read more »