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Secrets to Success: The Key to Writing an Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

You know you’d make a great administrative assistant, but you’re having trouble getting your foot in the door with prospective employers. The key may be in the often-overlooked cover letter you’re submitting with your resume. The secret to success when it comes to writing a cover letter is to think of it as an advertisement… Read more »

Rejected Candidates: Build Good Will and Strengthen Brand Reputation

Every employer and hiring manager’s worst nightmare when it comes to rejecting a job candidate is being asked “why didn’t I get the job?” It may make for uncomfortable conversation, but providing rejected candidates with helpful, constructive criticism not only leaves a positive impression on a potential customer or client, it also builds your brand… Read more »

Nonverbal Communication: Impress an Interviewer With Your Actions

You hear so much advice about what to say and what not to say during job interviews that it’s sometimes easy to forget that actions speak louder than words — what you do during an interview is just as important. Check your nonverbal communication skills before your next interview to be sure you’re putting the… Read more »

Stay Connected to Your Network

There’s no underestimating the importance of the people you meet along your career path. From friends at school and former co-workers to the fellow professionals in your field that you’ve encountered along the way, this is your network — the people you might need to call on for advice or even for job leads. Staying… Read more »

Red Flags to Watch for During an Interview

It happens to almost every HR manager or hiring supervisor eventually: you interview an employee who has a great interview and seems like a good fit for the job, only to discover that he is either nowhere near qualified enough, doesn’t have the right skills or isn’t as familiar with the industry as he led… Read more »

Professional References: Selecting the Best People

When you’re looking for a job, choosing references to give to potential employers can be like dating — you’ve got your old flames on the backburner, the ones you know can be trusted to make you look good. If you really want to impress an employer, think about the ones who got away, instead. The… Read more »

Staffing Partners puts staffing in Oregon first

Staffing Partners, a leading staffing agency headquartered in Eugene and serving all of Oregon, has launched a new website at Working with Haley Marketing Group of Buffalo, NY, Michael Reed, president of Staffing Partners, wanted to present comprehensive and easy-to-find information on the services they provide to job seekers and employers in the administrative, clinical nursing, light industrial… Read more »

Recent College Grad? Avoid these Common Job Search Mistakes

Graduating from college is a feeling like no other — one that lasts until you realize the real world’s calling. College grads often feel overwhelmed when embarking on that first major job search, so it’s no wonder they often stumble on the road to post-graduate success. Set yourself up for success by avoiding these common… Read more »

Management Tips to Help Retain Top Employees

Tired of losing great employees to your competitors? Tired of spending money and manpower replacing employees who leave? Retaining top employees is a huge part of creating a workplace that thrives. Here are five management tips that will help you keep your best employees and attract great talent: Make Them Offers They Can’t Refuse Benefits… Read more »

Is this the Right Job for You? Evaluating a Temporary-to-Hire or Direct Hire Job Offer.

You’ve been through the application process. Withstood several interviews. And now you’ve received a job offer — that’s the ultimate goal, right? So why should you hesitate before you accept? Accepting a job offer out of hand is like getting married on the spur of the moment: a huge decision that could follow you for… Read more »