Building a Partnership With Your Recruiting Firm

Every great partnership has one important thing in common: bringing separate talents and resources together in order to reach the same goal. Both you and your recruiting firm have “meeting your staffing needs” as your goal, but the success of your partnership depends on how you utilize your resources and talents to achieve that goal…. Read more »

Thank You Notes: Handwritten, Email or Both?

Getting an interview in today’s tight job market is a gift, and if you’re not treating it as such by sending thank you notes afterward, then you’re looking that gift horse in the mouth. But, there’s a trick to sending thank you notes to interviewers, and it involves timing, technology and old-fashioned handwriting. Timing is… Read more »

The Cost of Hiring Average Talent

When payroll budgets are tight, it’s tempting to hire candidates with less experience and education. While not every newbie or just-barely-qualified hire is a bust, you’ll often find that hiring average talent results in below-average returns. From the financial outlay of refilling positions to the cost to your organization’s reputation, the cost of hiring average… Read more »

Is Your Job Search Strategy Efficient?

Don’t Make These Common Mistakes. You’re checking the online job boards. You’re using social media. You’re sending out resumes. But you’re still hitting the wall in your job search – what gives? Even if you seem to be doing everything right in your job search, your strategy may be at fault if you’re making these… Read more »

Are Phone Interviews the Best Way to Screen Candidates?

If screening job applicants over the phone doesn’t seem to be getting the results your organization needs, don’t give up hope just yet. Phone interviews may not be the best way to screen candidates — there’s no substitute for a face-to-face interview — but conducted the right way, they’re a great way to weed the… Read more »

Nonverbal Communication: Impress an Interviewer With Your Actions

You hear so much advice about what to say and what not to say during job interviews that it’s sometimes easy to forget that actions speak louder than words — what you do during an interview is just as important. Check your nonverbal communication skills before your next interview to be sure you’re putting the… Read more »

Professional References: Selecting the Best People

When you’re looking for a job, choosing references to give to potential employers can be like dating — you’ve got your old flames on the backburner, the ones you know can be trusted to make you look good. If you really want to impress an employer, think about the ones who got away, instead. The… Read more »