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Two Great Candidates? How to Pick

It’s the classic rock and a hard place. Which is worse, having no good candidates for your open positions, or having two candidates who are equally qualified, with neither a clear winner for the job? Choosing between two excellent job candidates doesn’t have to put you in a tight spot if you’ve got a few… Read more »

Four Ways to Connect With Your Interviewer

Almost everyone has experienced a job interview that Just. Went. Nowhere. The problem? You didn’t connect with your interviewer. While no one is going to connect with every single interviewer, there are a few (almost) foolproof ways to click with interviewers early in the interview, which is the first step at landing the job you… Read more »

How to Discuss Your Previous Job During an Interview

One of the most challenging aspects of a job interview is the inevitable questioning about your previous jobs. From interviewers who ask how much you made at a previous job to the ones who want to gossip about your former employers, there are so many landmines associated with questions about your former jobs that it… Read more »

Must-Have Leadership Traits to Look For in All Candidates

Disaster and opportunity have one major thing in common: They both appear when you least expect them. For managers, that means you can lose a great leader with little or no warning, and gain a great leader where you least expected to find one. Have an eye toward leadership abilities in mind when hiring manufacturing… Read more »

How to Prepare Your Team for a Change

When you’re a manager or HR person, one of the most difficult aspects of your job is often leading your flock through a stormy time. Turnover, new hires, new reporting systems — anything that shakes up the status quo adds to your workload and often results in disgruntled employees. Make transitions easier for your staff… Read more »

Preparing For a Phone Interview as a Nurse

As employers become more and more pressed for time and resources, phone interviews are in turn becoming more common, even in the medical professions. If you’re scheduled for your first nursing interview by phone, here’s what you need to know to put your best foot forward — even if you’re the only one who can… Read more »

Build Loyalty Among Light Industrial Workers

Managers in the light industrial trade all agree that hiring and retaining great employees is one of their biggest challenges. Yet few understand why creating a loyal light industrial workforce is such a unique challenge. Part of it’s the nature of the job, and part of it’s the nature of the corporate culture. Overcome the… Read more »

How Nonverbal Communication Can Help You Ace the Interview

Anyone who’s ever worked as a hiring manager or HR person will tell you that while the resumes, cover letters and references you give them are important, when it comes down to the interview, they most often go with their gut. That gut reaction is the result of many factors, including what you say and… Read more »

Empowering Employees to Take Responsibility For Safety

Every HR department hears ­­ and repeats ­­ the statistics on job accidents and injuries that cost American employers millions of dollars each year. But do your organization’s employees recognize the burden these accidents and injuries put on them, either from direct injuries or from the trickle­down effect of others’ injuries? Getting employees to take… Read more »

Why Are Your Employees Leaving?

When your organization is stuck in an endless loop of employees leaving and employees coming on board, it’s easy to spend so much time keeping enough hands on deck that you lose sight of what this work signifies: increased turnover. It’s a red flag for you as a manager when employees are seeking greener pastures…. Read more »