Fired? How to Discuss It During Your Next Interview

When you’ve been fired from a job, interviewing for another position can be even more daunting than usual. You know you’re likely to be asked about the reasons you were fired, and just thinking about it can be upsetting. Don’t make matters worse by winging it — before your next interview, prepare for that uncomfortable… Read more »

Is Your Job Search Strategy Efficient?

Don’t Make These Common Mistakes. You’re checking the online job boards. You’re using social media. You’re sending out resumes. But you’re still hitting the wall in your job search – what gives? Even if you seem to be doing everything right in your job search, your strategy may be at fault if you’re making these… Read more »

5 Steps to Creating a Powerful Personal Brand

It used to be that a job search was all about a good resume and great interviewing skills, but nowadays your resume comes second to your website, and the interview begins before you even step foot in the building. Build a powerful personal brand online and in person, and you’ll make yourself unforgettable to potential… Read more »

How to Ace a Phone Interview

Whether you’re the person who has the gift for gab or the still water that runs deep, a phone interview can seem intimidating. Here are a few of the best ways to ensure that you ace a phone interview every time: Practice Makes Perfect Before your phone interview, practice your phone skills with someone you… Read more »

Strategies to Promote the Best Interests of Your Temporary Employees

For many hiring managers or HR professionals, temporary employees are so ingrained into the corporate culture that they are almost invisible – there when you need them, easy to forget about the rest of the time. But if you don’t give your temps the same consideration you do your own hires, you’re missing a great… Read more »

Is it Ever Okay to Quit Without an Explanation?

We’ve all worked a job that was so soul-crushing that our one dream was to walk out the door without a word to anyone. But if you’re serious about building your career, you won’t give into the temptation to leave an employer without giving notice – it’s a huge mistake. Are Some Bridges Best Burned?… Read more »

Personal Branding: Online and In Person

If you’re just starting out on your career path or reentering the job market after a few years’ absence, you’ve no doubt heard the phrase “personal branding” in relation to your job search. With everything else a job search entails, it can be tempting to hope branding goes the way of the dinosaur. The bad… Read more »

Overused Buzz Words to Remove From Your Resume

Employers and hiring managers are swamped with resumes, and when everyone is trying to put his best foot forward, the result is often resumes that use the same old phrases over and over. If you want your resume to sparkle, go over it with a fine-toothed comb and eliminate these overused buzz words: Instead of… Read more »

How and When to Follow Up After an Interview

So you’ve just had the interview for the job of your dreams. Everything went great — instant rapport between you and your interviewers, your qualifications were exactly what they’re looking for, and your experience was impressive. All that’s left now is to wait to hear back, right? Wrong. A job interview isn’t over when you… Read more »

Secrets to Success: The Key to Writing an Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

You know you’d make a great administrative assistant, but you’re having trouble getting your foot in the door with prospective employers. The key may be in the often-overlooked cover letter you’re submitting with your resume. The secret to success when it comes to writing a cover letter is to think of it as an advertisement… Read more »