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Making Safety a Priority at Your Light Industrial Workplace

In the fast-paced light industrial workplace, it can be difficult to stop and take a breath. When you take time out to make employees aware of how important workplace safety is to their health and their jobs, however, it’s lost time that pays for itself with less time lost to accidents and injuries down the… Read more »

The Importance of Punctuality at Your Interview and at Your Job

Whether you’re slinging hash, working at a desk, or the president of the United States, you have to wonder sometimes why people make such a big deal of punctuality. The world isn’t going to stop if you’re five minutes late, right? The world, no. Your career, yes. Being punctual is more about your relationship to… Read more »

How to Recruit Top Light Industrial Candidates

It used to be, getting great candidates for light industrial work meant putting up a few fliers and placing an ad in the Sunday classifieds and waiting for them to come to you. It’s more of a challenge when you’re recruiting top prospects these days; it’s hard to reach audiences who no longer read the… Read more »

How Much Does It Cost to Replace an Employee?

Everyone has heard that it’s more expensive to replace an employee than to keep one, but it can be difficult to nail down an exact number. That’s because the costs of employee turnover are not unlike a crack in glass — the immediate financial blow is obvious, yes, but the damage often radiates invisibly to… Read more »

Feel Better About Your Health, Feel Better About Your Work

Whether you are working or looking for work, it can be difficult to fit time for exercise and healthy meal planning into your day. But if the physical and mental benefits of good health are not enough to motivate you to pay more attention to exercise and diet, maybe the boost it could provide your… Read more »

What Are You Doing to Hire the Best Administrative Talent?

Hiring the best talent in your field is no happy accident. If you consistently want to recruit top administrative talent, then you need a strategy for drawing them to your organization. Getting the best your field has to offer starts even before the job ad is placed, so get ready to rethink your entire hiring… Read more »

When Should You Consider Overqualified Talent?

There are two kinds of applicants that hiring managers dread: the unqualified applicant and the overqualified applicant. The unqualified applicant wastes your time, while the overqualified applicant just … leaves you scratching your head. Why would someone with this applicant’s qualifications bother to apply? Before you disregard those seemingly overqualified candidates, though, consider a few… Read more »

Resume Writing to Highlight Temporary Experiences

Think temporary employment is a liability when you’re creating your resume? Think again! If you know how to spin temporary jobs on your resume, you’ll find employers who are anxious to bring you on board. It’s all in how you write it, and when you build your resume with temporary jobs, you’ve got an opportunity… Read more »

How to Make a Strong Impression When You’re a Reserved Candidate

For a reserved person, nothing is more miserable than being put on the spot – which can make a job interview a real sticky situation. Making the best impression on interviewers can be a challenge when just making small talk with strangers is difficult, but all is not lost for those who are not the… Read more »

Selling Your Company to a Candidate

When it comes to the hiring process, HR professionals and hiring managers often fall into the trap of assuming that it’s candidates who are responsible for the hard sell. That’s a good way to turn off great candidates, and possibly a reason why you’re losing your best talent. The stars in your industry can get… Read more »